AJ Rope Access Pty Ltd is a company based in Sydney, NSW. Specialising in window cleaning, pressure cleaning and roof anchor safety systems along with maintenance services. 

Our rope technicians are highly experienced and qualified through IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) International. Each job will be managed by a IRATA Level 3 technician with a minimum of 5 years experience.

We pride ourselves on delivering a quality service to all our clients combined with the highest level of safety as our main priority.

As a reputable company we ensure to provide efficient services to all our clients. By doing this we are able to reduce time onsite and therefore minimise the costs spent.

Exceeding client expectations is at the core focus of what we do. 

Alan Borges  


Certified Technician by:


Window Cleaning

Window cleaning services for high and low rise buildings.

We are able to support any issues no matter what the size or height of the building, whether it be within the commercial, corporate or residential sectors.

Pressure Washing

We use a high pressure water spray to remove grime, dust, mud, loose paint, dirt and spiderwebs from windows, frames, surfaces and facades, in high and low rise buildings. Pressure Cleaning is recommended to be done prior to the window cleaning for the best overall finish.

High Wash Water Fed Pole

The use of purified water technology allows removal of dirt and grime for streak and mark free cleaning. 

Through the use of 100% purified laboratory water being pumped through within carbon extension poles, we are able to access windows up to the height of 4 floors.




Height Safety System

We are qualified to install anchor points and safety lines for concrete and steel roof.

Certification and Re-Certification for a 12 month period can be provide by AJ Rope Access Pty Ltd.

*All Height Safety System Installation and Certification are in accordance with AS/NZS 4488 (Rope Access Systems) & AS/NZS 1891(Fall Arrest Systems). 





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